IEEE 5G Summit

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The IEEE 5G Initiative includes a series of high-impact one-day Summits in emerging technology areas related to the 5th Generation of cellular technology. Summits occur around the world, with the first held at Princeton University on May 26, 2015.

We are pleased to announce the first IEEE 5G Summit with a focus on the hardware that is enabling the vision of 5G technology. Experts will discuss all facets of hardware development, from power amplifiers to filters and front-end modules to phased arrays and other mmWave antennas. The Summit will end with a panel session discussing the trade-offs between bandwidth, efficiency, battery life, complexity and cost in “What do we need to build 5G mmWave mobile handsets?”  Panel members are Dylan Williams (Lead), Dev PalmerHarish KrishnaswamyRoger NicholsFarshid Aryanfar, and Peter Moosbrugger.

These one-day summits provide a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from the industry and academic community to collaborate and exchange ideas in this emerging technology that may help in driving standards and rapid deployment.

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Summit Organizers:

Harish Krishnaswamy

Kate Remley



Antii Raisanen
“Millimeter-wave antennas for 5G”

Gabriel Rebeiz
“Advanced 5G Phased-Arrays and Transceivers Using Silicon Technologies:  THE END OF THE MARCONI ERA IS NEAR”

Dimitrios Peroulis
“Multiband Filters and Cold-plasma Electronics for Reconfigurable 5G RF Front-ends”

Dylan Williams
Leader Panel Session: “What do we need to build 5G mmWave mobile handsets? (bandwidth, efficiency, battery life, complexity, cost)”

Ivan Seskar
“Towards Next Generation of Wireless Networking Testbeds”

Peter Asbeck
“High Efficiency Mm-Wave Power Amplifiers for 5G”

Peter Moosbrugger
 “Phased Array Industrialization: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Promising Future for 5G and other Commercial and Consumer Applications”

Sorin Voinigescu
“Past Evolution and Future Prospects of Silicon mm-Wave ICs for Autonomous Navigation and 5G Applications”

Dev Palmer
“Are There Dual-Use Applications for mmWave Technology?”

Roger Nichols
“3GPP’s New Radio Specs at MMWave:  You can make it work!  But How will you know if it does?”

Farshid Aryanfar
“How to operate at Higher frequency + Higher bandwidth – Higher cost”