Peter Moosbrugger

Phased Array Industrialization: Challenges, Opportunities, and a Promising Future for 5G and other Commercial and Consumer Applications

5G wireless communications systems are driving the need for directional, electronically steerable phased array antennas at 26 GHz, 28 GHz, 39 GHz, and higher frequencies. These phased arrays must be delivered at commercially acceptable cost points that are several orders of magnitude lower than previous systems and at volumes several thousand times greater than existing production without sacrificing performance. The vast majority of phased arrays produced to date have been for government and military applications, using manufacturing and test methods that do not scale for commercial applications. This talk will present some challenges and paradigm shifts that must occur for successful industrialization of phased arrays for 5G and other commercial opportunities.

Chief Technologist, Phased Array & RF Technologies

Tactical Solutions, Ball Aerospace

As chief technologist of Phased Array & RF Technologies in the Tactical Solutions strategic business unit, Pete is responsible for managing the technology roadmaps and capture activities for all phased array products. Pete has held leadership positions within Ball Aerospace as an Advanced Systems manager since 2006 and has been a driving force behind the growth in the phased array business area since joining the company in 1997. He holds numerous patents and has written technical articles for more than ten publications. In 2011, he won the Ball Aerospace Follett Award, which recognizes continuous outstanding contributions in an engineering technical field.

Pete earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.