NIST Communications Technology Laboratory Tour. At nine guided tour stops you will learn from expert metrologists about their work in tackling fundamental RF measurement problems, including the development of new measurement science related to next-generation wireless communication.  Check out the world’s first robotic-arm antenna testing range and the quantum field probe used for antenna testing.  Learn about electro-optic sampling systems for on-chip metrology, scope calibration, and the traceability chain for electrical phase.  See the suite of microwave radiometers that provide precision thermal-noise measurements and the calorimeters used for highly accurate power calibrations. Learn about channel-sounding robots that collect data in indoor and urban settings, which is used to develop channel models. And see how reverb chambers are being adapted for mm-wave OTA measurements with the implementation of a traceable precision modulated signal source and controllable directional channels.  Following the guided tour, you will be invited to visit with metrologists one-on-one for more in-depth discussions.