11th Global Symposium on Millimeter waves

The main theme of the GSMM2018 is Millimeter-wave Propagation: Hardware, Measurements and Systems. It covers millimeter-wave and THz devices, circuits, systems, and applications, with a special focus on mmWave propagation. The conference will include keynote talks, technical sessions, panels, and exhibitions. Specific topics include:
  –  Millimeter-Wave Antennas and Passive Devices           
  –  Millimeter-Wave and THz Communications
  –  Millimeter-Wave and THz Sensing
  –  Sub-Millimeter-Wave and THz Technologies
  –  Millimeter-Wave Active Devices and ICs
  –  Emerging Technologies and Applications

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IEEE 5G Summit

We are pleased to announce the first IEEE 5G Summit with a focus on the hardware that is enabling the vision of 5G technology. Experts will discuss all facets of hardware development, from power amplifiers to filters and front-end modules to phased arrays and other mmWave antennas. The Summit will end with a panel session discussing the trade-offs between bandwidth, efficiency, battery life, complexity and cost in “What do we need to build 5G mmWave mobile handsets?”

Tour of the Microwave Labs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

At nine guided tour stops you will learn from expert metrologists about their work in tackling fundamental RF measurement problems, including the development of new measurement science related to next-generation wireless communication.  Check out:
  –  the world’s first robotic-arm antenna testing range
  –  the quantum field probe used for antenna testing
  –  electro-optic sampling systems
  –  microwave radiometers for thermal-noise measurements
  –  micro-calorimeters used for power calibrations
  –  channel-sounding robots
  –  reverberation chambers for mm-wave OTA measurements
  –  traceable precision modulated signal sources 

Following the guided tour, you will be invited to visit with the metrologists one-on-one for more in-depth discussions.    
To participate in the tour, please check the appropriate box on the registration page and you must fill out the tour application form (also found on the registration page).

The Venue – JSC Biotechnology Building on the University of Colorado Campus

               Modern lecture facilities, open feel, located on the eastern campus of the University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder Colorado

Facing the Front Range, surrounded by expansive, wildflower-dotted fields, Boulder is often called a city within a park, enticing locals and visitors alike to rejoice and relax in the glory of the outdoors.

This laid-back state of mind has infiltrated nearly every element of life in this vibrant town. Things to do and see:

– Dushanbe Teahouse
-110 miles of walking and hiking trails
-Craft beer
-Pearl Street Mall
-The Flatirons
-Restaurants and more Restaurants
-Rocky Mountain National Park